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Coach Mecke welcomes you to the Hickory Creek Elementary Physical Education Website!

April, 2016 update:

All First through Fifth grade students are finishing up the Mile run and beginning the final test V-sit reach of our new Hickory Creek Physical Fitness test.  The boy and girl with highest score for their grade level will be displayed on the fitness board in the main hallway.  With the new test we will also be displaying high achievers on each test  also.   All students will be given a second opportunity to do Curl-ups, so no score on the board is permanent .  Kindergarten was been working on kicking and balance skills.

The  Fifth Grade Olympics are coming up on April 13th at Saint Augustine High School.  Our team has been practicing hard and we hope to bring some medals back Hickory Creek.

Field Days will be here before you know it , we need plenty of parent volunteers to help with the various events. Your home room Mom or classroom teacher should be looking for 2 to 4 volunteers per class. MOre info should be coming home soon.

Save the Dates

4th and 5th grade will be Friday May 6th

2nd and 3rd grade will be on May 17th

Kindergarten and 1st grade  will be on May 19th

Finally, there will be a physical education exam this year in May for all second through fifth grade students.  I will be preparing our students for the test, but they should also be bringing home study guide.  The physical education portion of the test will only be twelve questions, so each question will be very important.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Coach Matthew Mecke