Accelerated Reader & Home Connect

There is a feature in Accelerated Reader called Home Connect!

Home Connect lets parents see the results of their child’s AR quizzes, how many quizzes students have taken, what books are being read, and other relevant information. There is also a link to AR Bookfinder to check for availability and level of quizzes on other books. ¬†This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to help monitor their child’s AR progress. This will allow parents to help and encourage their children to meet their reading goals of percentage correct for quizzes (85-100%) and any other goals set by their child’s teacher.

To log into Home Connect, click here.

Parents must access the site using the child’s user name and password.

Username: (your child’s username for AR)

Password: (your child’s password for AR)

TIP: Once parents log in, they can also sign up for the email alerts! This option is found on the top right hand corner of the AR screen (email setup).  Once a parent signs up for email, they will receive an email notification each time their child takes an AR quiz.