Hickory Creek’s Extended Day Program

Hickory Creek’s Extended Day Program

Extended Day for both Before & After School care for 2018-2019 is now at capacity.  Please email Christine Southworth with your child’s name, grade, and what type of care you need (see options below). You will be placed on a wait list and contacted when an opening becomes available. 


The Hickory Creek Elementary Extended Day Enrichment Program provides care for both before and after school.  The program provides a safe and caring environment for the students to enjoy.

Before school care begins at 6:30 am until the start of the school day. After school care begins at the end of the school day until 6:00 pm. We do not participate in a “Drop in” program.

***AM Drop Off Procedures:  Park and escort your student into the cafe side entrance.  Do not park in the Parent Drop Off/Pick Up line (PPU).  A sign will designate this entrance at the beginning of the year.  You must initial your students name each day.  No child is to sign themselves “in”.  They will place their backpacks in front of the stage area.  Students may eat breakfast offered by the cafe or bring something from home. Please set up to pay for breakfast with the Cafe Manager.

***PM Pick Up Procedures:  Students are released from the Front Office in the afternoons. Use the Parent Drop off/Pick up line to retrieve your child.  Do not use the BUS LOOP.  Be aware that vendors will be releasing classes between 3-4 pm depending on their schedule. You may need to park to ensure a quick and safe pick up. You must “sign out” and record the time each afternoon. We do charge $1/min for children not picked up by 6:00pm. If you have an emergency or traffic issues, please call 547-7450 so that staff can be made aware.  Students can purchase snacks from Extended Day (see below) or bring their own.  Please be aware we are a Peanut Allergy Awareness School.

To attend Extended Day, please contact Mrs. Southworth to receive Registration Forms & to see if there are any openings for a particular grade level.  Extended Day is so much fun that we do have wait lists at times.  Please note, there is a non-refundable $75 Registration fee per child.  These monies go towards all the great crafts, games, and equipment that is solely for Extended Day use.  Please see the Schedule of Fees for service dates.  FL Law requires pre-payment for all extended day services.  Payments are due on the 1st of the month. You may pay by cash, check (your address & phone # must be on your check), or credit card.  See the “School Pay” Icon on this page to set up payment by credit card. Please note, regardless of receiving a courtesy invoice, a subsequent late notice will reflect a $5/day late fee. 

Program FeesWe do not participate in any type of “Drop in” program.

                         Monthly Before & After Care             $280.00

                         Monthly After Care Only                    $240.00

                         Monthly Before Care Only                  $85.00

                         Monthly Wednesday Care Only          $65.00

                         Monthly Snack Fee (optional)            $25.00

***Each Additional Child is 1/2 price except for snack***

We do offer a St. Johns County School District employee rate & rates for Free/Reduced Lunches. Please email Christine Southworth if you would like more information.

Included in the program are such activities as homework lab, arts and crafts, a computer lab, and recess time.

For additional fees, the students may participate in Club Scientific, KidzArt, Drama Kids, Pak’s Karate, Vida del Arte (Sewing), VegeCooking, and Lego Robotics, Chess, TOTS, and LEE. Please visit  PeachJar on the HCE website for information about all of these afterschool vendors.

You can contact Christine Southworth, Extended Day Coordinator, at 547-7458 (10:30am-2pm) &               547-7451 (3pm-6:00pm) or email  Christine Southworth for additional information.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.